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AXIOM software platform launches to help Humber businesses achieve Net Zero

11 June 2021

AXIOM software platform launches to help Humber businesses achieve Net Zero

A team of procurement and sustainability specialists from Hull has launched AXIOM – an advanced, cloud-based platform to help businesses and their supply chains to become more sustainable.

AXIOM offers an extensive set of tools that enable businesses of all sizes to measure, track and report on a full range of environmental, social and governance metrics.

The team behind the software platform see it as an essential tool for businesses in the Humber region looking to decarbonise their operations and become more sustainable. It has been designed to help companies track the key data they need to drive change, in line with the ambitious goals set out by local initiatives such as Hull City Council’s 2030 Carbon Neutral and Zero Carbon Humber.

To help businesses across the region work towards these targets, the company is offering Hull Bondholders an exclusive 10% discount on a full range of packages.

Joe Oughtred, Co-Founder of Axiom, explains.

“We created AXIOM to help businesses in the Humber region and across the UK to embrace sustainability – from reducing carbon emissions and achieving Net Zero, to improving the social impact of their operations and supply chains.

“If we’re going to come together and deliver on the region’s collective vision for a sustainable future, businesses need to know where they are now, where they are heading, and what they need to focus on. AXIOM provides all the tools, expertise and visibility they need to be a part of the change and deliver on their sustainability goals.”

AXIOM was created by a team of local developers, and has successfully completed an extensive Beta testing and feedback programme involving leading businesses from across the region and around the country, including Co-op, William Jackson Food Group and Ultimate Packaging.

Key features of AXIOM include supply chain emissions and carbon footprint calculators, social metric trackers, risk management and governance documentation tools, tied to a full suite of data visualisation and analysis.

AXIOM also offers an extensive range of reporting tools, helping businesses to stay compliant and on track with a range of mandatory and voluntary sustainability regulations and frameworks, including Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting (SECR), Greenhouse Gases (GHG) and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Daniel Usifoh, Co-Founder of AXIOM, said:

“Manually gathering all the data for sustainability reporting is time consuming and complex. AXIOM is fully compliant with the SECR framework, and enables businesses to collate, calculate, track and report on all 17 of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

“AXIOM automates the process, so businesses can report on all the key metrics and track progress as they work towards their goals.”

In addition to the software platform, AXIOM offers a range of support and consultancy services, designed to help the region’s businesses identify and successfully implement sustainability programmes.

Additional information about AXIOM can be found at To discuss your requirements with a member of the AXIOM team, please call 01482 234814 or email


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