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Learn how to save the planet by sharing surplus food at The Waterline Summit

26 November 2019

Learn how to save the planet by sharing surplus food at The Waterline Summit

Visitors to The Waterline Summit will be able to learn about an innovative way in which surplus food can be shared, rather than thrown away.

OLIO is a mobile app which connects neighbours with each other and local businesses, with volunteer food collectors detailing surplus food available nearby and where it can be collected for free.

OLIO currently has national and local partnerships that donate their surplus food, including Sainsbury's and nine Costa Coffee outlets in Hull and the East Riding.

There are currently 1.4m people signed up to the OLIO app around the world and the scheme has saved 2.5 million portions of food going into landfill – the equivalent to taking six million car miles off the road.

OLIO was founded by Tessa Clarke and Saasha Celestial-One in London in 2016 and the company won a UN Climate Action Award at the UN Climate Change Conference in Poland in December 2018. Fifteen initiatives from 14 countries were honoured for their game-changing work.

Visitors to OLIO’s stand at the flagship Waterline Summit at Hull’s Bonus Arena on Thursday, November 28, will see a range food which individuals and businesses often share as surplus via the app, such as bread, bananas and muffins.

They will be invited to download the app and request the items, which will demonstrate how the OLIO app works and show how they can become a member of their local sharing community.

The OLIO team will give a seminar entitled “Food for Thought: Can Sharing Save the World?”, aimed at helping businesses to understand how to make their food waste management more sustainable, how OLIO’s volunteer programme works and how to become a zero-food waste company.

The seminar will also be aimed at young people, focusing on the impact food waste has on society and the environment as a whole. With 50% of food waste occurring in the home, the OLIO team hopes raising awareness among young people will help to change attitudes in families.

Cara Bilson, OLIO’s Hull Market Coordinator, said: “Everyone talks about saving the planet and how much we need to act now, but it can be difficult to see the steps people are taking.

“The Waterline Summit is a fantastic opportunity for everyone to come together and see what we are all doing. It will provide transparency and we will see how everyone is trying to make a difference.”

  • The Waterline Summit takes place at the Bonus Arena in Hull city centre on Thursday, November 28. The Waterline Exhibition will be open to secondary school and college students and staff from 1pm to 3pm, followed by businesses and community groups from 3pm to 5pm. The Waterline Debate with internationally-renowned climate change keynote speaker Dr Gabrielle Walker will run from 5pm to 8pm.

The exhibition and debate are free to attend. To register, go to

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