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Meet The Waterline Student Sustainability Challenge Finalists

17 August 2022

Meet The Waterline Student Sustainability Challenge Finalists

This year's Student Sustainability Challenge saw some fantastic entries from students across the Humber.

Here are our six finalist teams, who will each be in with the chance of being an Age Category Winner and Overall Winner for 2022.

WATCH: Meet the Finalists 📽️

Engineering UTC Northern Lincolnshire - Year 9 Loyal Leaders: 

Developed and distributed an energy pledge, investigated methods of reducing energy consumption in school and agreed with the school’s Finance Manager to save a third on energy bills per year.

Grimsby Institute - Ellie Daynes:

Produced a television advert focused on reducing energy usage in the household, to inspire adults to save and use less energy.

Malet Lambert School - LeafStyle:

Created a fashion-focused app with multiple functions, including sustainable shopping, design-your-own sustainable fashion, a selling platform, and advice and information on big fashion brands.


Relaunched the school’s sustainability club. Carried out tree-planting, and integrated composting and waste-management into day-to-day school life. Led an eco survey for teachers and students.


Designed striking murals highlighting the damaging impact of climate change and rising sea levels on Hull and the Humber.

wyke college - conserve 2 preserve:

Created an app dedicated to ensuring people can receive daily sustainability tips, and track their carbon emissions in real time, while being able to see the impact on the local area.

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