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The "Lungs of Burstwick" Tree Planting Project

04 May 2021

The "Lungs of Burstwick" Tree Planting Project

Burstwick Country Golf has teamed up with Green Task Force to form a plan in helping address the climate crisis and local pollution, while also creating a more eco-friendly golfing experience inside the boundaries of the golf club.

Green Task Force attended the golf club to do a voluntary litter picking morning around Burstwick, and help finalise plans for the proposed tree planting around the non-playing areas of the golf course.

The plan, which includes potential for planting over 5,000 trees at the club including two nature reserve areas, is hoping to start being put into action come the back end of 2021, with an army of ex-servicemen and women coming to the club to plant the trees.

The two main areas for densely planted trees and shrubs will be in the large area to the left of the 7th tee running all the way up to the back of the 8th green (though not too close to either), and up the roadside on 9 running round the back of the half way house and 6th & 10th competition tees.

Other areas proposed for planting around the course will include sparse “fill-in” planting between a select few holes, and some denser areas around the driving range.

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