Adaptation, Resilience and Nature Day

PATT Foundation 'Green for Go – Making Trees & Forests Happen'


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From a small acorn, a great Oak tree grows!

A look at how the PATT Foundation has become intrinsically integrated into the UK Government’s manifesto commitment to increasing tree planting to 30,000 hectares across the UK, alongside peatland restoration and nature recovery.

The Green Task Force (GTF) a subsidiary of the charity, pioneered by former serviceman Andrew Steel, solves two problems at once, helping veterans reintegrate into civil society and cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) while offering a solution to Britain’s massive commitment to plant 600M million new trees. The GTF concept was incubated in East Yorkshire but has since expanded into South Wales, Merseyside and the South West offering a multitude of different land-based services that themselves are therapeutic and creating employment opportunities for veterans and service leavers.

Brian will be presenting the Lungs of Burstwick tree planting programme as part of this PATT Foundation session. He will briefly describe the evolving Active Golf situation at Burstwick Country Golf including the exciting new MD Academy coaching and training facilities for players of all ages including the junior and ladies engagement initiatives. Brian will also explain their partnership project with the PATT Foundation and Green Task Force where they will be planting over 10,000 trees mainly around the periphery of the 18 hole golf course with wilding areas near the Winestead Drain to reduce the pollution effects of nearby industrial sites.

The session looks at how the charity has established itself supporting the various Community Forests as a delivery partner and expanding its range of services to make forest happen.

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