Adaptation, Resilience and Nature Day

The Low-Carbon Diet Plan: Sustainable Food Solutions


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We dive into eco-friendly food’s vital contribution to reaching net zero, while minimising impact on nature. Speakers explored sustainable and regenerative practices and how this can create habitats for nature recovery and ecosystems, how government policy impacts our agricultural sector. Looking to the future, we heard from the next generation of food producers and their drive towards a healthy, sustainable future in food.

Steve Cann will be explored the leaps being made within the sustainability of our food chain from farm to plate with a broad panel of experts. He explored sustainable and regenerative practices; how this can create habitats for nature recovery and ecosystems; how policy impacts our agricultural sector and how the next generation of food producers are driving towards a healthy and sustainable food future. 

From Stephen Noblett, viewers heard about how the production and trade of food and drink is changing globally due to a new sustainable food vision, with reference to countries that are exemplary. Stephen also referred to sustainable food or drink ‘success case study’ stories within the Yorkshire and Humber region.

Caroline Ashley shared why transforming food is such a critical pivot point in dealing with climate, nature, livelihoods and nutrition.  Drawing on work by Forum for the Future, she outlined some of the emerging opportunities and some trade-offs in shifting to regenerative farming as part of a net zero transition. Caroline also reflected on the role of agribusiness, farmers, government and citizens in this urgent transition.

Dr Nigel Davies presented the story of Muntons, their sustainable journey and how sustainability is a common objective that links all aspects of Muntons business activities. Nigel also shared success stories and farm sustainability.

Bob Doherty discussed the vision for a Yorkshire ‘food system’, regenerative hybrid food economies and farming, as well as the role of the next generation of food system change makers for a healthy and sustainable food future.

Stephen Noblett: “A recent survey by global data found that four in ten UK consumers factor in sustainability when they make a purchasing decision.”

Caroline Ashley: “I think food is essential – it is driving 25-30% of our carbon emissions globally. It is at the nexus of all these issues we face.”

“It sounds so far away to talk about the end of the century, this period of change is within lifetimes of us and our children.”

“This is not about meat v vegan, it is about mon-cropping v regenerative land use.”

“We can’t afford to change our food system and leave people hungry, we also can’t afford to change our food system and for it to be slanted towards giving people excessive numbers of calories that are not nutritious.”

“Having a voice is not just about how we eat, but how we act and demanding answers and information from food producers.”

Bob Doherty: “Consumers need more information, I would like to see more data given to consumers which tells them the story behind a particular product and gives them the power to make informed choices.”

Dr Nigel Davies: “"Organisations should set a science-based target. Look for specific and measurable change. Look at people, profit and planet."

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