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Kickstarting Humber decarbonisation - with DGA Roadshow & H2H Saltend


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Hear about the Equinor proposals for the ground-breaking H2H Saltend project and the BEIS-backed DGA Roadshow at it's Humber stop-off.

The Decarbonised Gas Alliance (DGA) is leading a UK Roadshow (via hydrogen car) to showcase the leading projects and clusters focused on energy transition and hydrogen deployment. Supported by BEIS and other industry associations such as the UK Hydrogen Fuel Cell Association and Hydrogen Now, the roadshow provides a forum to highlight decarbonisation projects, foster discussion and network.

On 22nd October the DGA Roadshow will stop in the Humber, showcasing Equinor's Hydrogen-to-Humber (H2H) Saltend project, the anchor for the wider Zero Carbon Humber scheme and a vital element in the East Coast Cluster which offers to remove nearly half of the UK's industrial cluster emissions.

The H2H Saltend proposal will establish the world’s largest hydrogen production plant with carbon capture and an ammonia plant on the Humber’s north bank. H2H Saltend will convert natural gas to hydrogen and capture the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the process. In the first phase, this could reduce emissions by circa 900,000 tonnes per year as industrial customers at px Group’s Saltend Chemicals Park switch fuel to low-carbon hydrogen while Triton Power’s gas power plant blends hydrogen into the fuel supply of its converted Mitsubishi turbines. H2H Saltend is expected to grow over time, contributing to further emissions reductions from the Chemicals Park and across the Humber.

The project links to Equinor's wider hydrogen ambitions in the Humber, including its partnership with SSE Thermal on the world's first at-scale 100% hydrogen power station at Keadby and hydrogen storage at Aldbrough. Dual hydrogen and CO2 infrastructure also removes carbon for safe storage in a North Sea aquifer.

At this event you will learn more about these proposals, the wider decarbonisation agenda that it supports, and the economic and environmental opportunities that this presents.


- Chris Barron, Chair of the Decarbonised Gas Alliance

- Dan Sadler, Vice President for Cluster Development, Equinor

- Tanguy Cosmao, H2H Saltend Project Director, Equinor

Refreshments, snacks and networking will be available for in-person attendees, although the event will also be broadcast online for those unable to attend.

This event is also in support of the Waterline Summit, for which Zero Carbon Humber are the COP26 sponsors.

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