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Hosted by John Till, this event will brought together business leaders from across the built environment industries to look at how we can work together to ensure development and regeneration across the Humber is smart, sustainable and contributes to the economic growth of the UK.

Tom Bridges provided a global perspective, whilst detailing Arup’s ambition to ‘shape a better world.

Valentine Quinio discussed the ‘Net zero: decarbonising the city’ report issued 6 July 2021 and what needs to change if cities and large towns are to lead the way in helping the Government achieve this goal.

Alex Codd offered an insight into how Hull City Council is positioning itself at the forefront of the national response to climate change and working with partners to tackle the impact of climate change in our local area through the Hull 2030 Carbon Neutral Strategy.

Cameron Wood explained why he thinks planning is important for climate change and what challenges he has faced. Cameron also shared details of the Yorkshire Energy Park (YEP) project and why he chose planning and development as a career choice within the Humber

Lizzie Wilkinson presented on Groupe Atlantic's work in decarbonisation of domestic heating and hot water.


John Till: ”20 years ago we created a narrative about Hull as a pioneering city, but that pioneering narrative has neve been truer than now. It feels like Hull has got its sense of place.”

“Resilience and sustainability are not just about place, they’re about people. People in our places deserve nothing less than a complete re-set, not just reorganising.”

Tom Bridges: “Towns, cities and industrial regions are facing this perfect storm of climate change, covid and rapid technological change. If the Humber can rise to the occasion, not only can it improve its economy, but it can also gain global competitive advantage.”

“In the Humber I’m seeing the real sense of a mission, of civic and business leadership to rise to these challenges, the likes of which I haven’t seen before.”

“If we can bring together innovators, businesses, investors, the corporate sector, this give us a great platform to export globally. It will require to build momentum and partnerships, and to think about if you’re an investor, how you would access the eco system. If we get it right, we can regenerate our communities. The time to act is now.”

Valentine Quinio: “Meeting the net zero agenda will mean mitigating risks and seizing opportunities in the Humber."

Lizzie Wilkinson: “We are going to see policy, strategy and funding all combining to reach net zero.”

“We see a real diversification of products. Gas boilers are easy to install, unfortunately the carbon emissions mean we need a near total decarbonisation of UK housing stock to reach the 2050 target. We see a drive towards electrification in buildings, potential in hydrogen, and heat networks such as district heating schemes with low-carbon heat sources.”

“We’re looking at hydrogen ready boilers than can be converted at a later date. We can get ten years of installing those before hydrogen comes into the grid.”

Alex Codd: “It’s no coincidence that £200m invested in flood infrastructure in Hull has lead to £3bn of investment secured in the city.”

“We are a Tree City of the world, among the northern forest region, we’ve planted the most. For every house built in Hull, we plant three trees.”

Cameron Wood: “One of the best parts of my job is being able to help shape the Humber region, particularly at such an interesting time.”

“The Humber region is at the forefront of a crucial transition with climate change, and that’s why I’ve chosen to stay and base my career. There’s nothing I’d rather be doing and nowhere else I’d rather be doing it.”


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