Clean Road Transport Day

Accelerating to Zero Emission Transport


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Wednesday 20th October - Sponsored by Phillips 66

Physical event start: 8:30am

Virtual event start: 9:00am

Event Close: 10:30am

The growth of the global market in zero emission vehicles (ZEVs) is outpacing expectations, and some estimates project that they will make up over 50% of all new car sales by 2040. In other words, we need to double the pace of the global transition to zero emission vehicles.

Rising faster than in any other sector, road transport accounts for over 10% of global emissions, as well as causing high levels of local air pollution.

Confirmed Speakers:

  • Host: Peter Cole, Principal Environmental and Sustainability Officer, Transport for the North
  • Chris Ramsey, EV Adventurer, Presenter, Guinness World Record Holder & Founder of Plug in Adventures
  • Gaynor Hartnell, CEO, Renewable Transport Fuel Association
  • Mike Wailes, Director, Manager, MiRO JV and Director, European Strategy, Phillips 66
  • Tristan Allen, Founder 'Fully Charged - Silverstone'
  • Brian Houston, Mechanical Engineering Lecturer at University of Hull

Hosted by Peter Cole, Principal Environmental and Sustainability Officer of Transport for the North, business leaders will come together to discuss the role the UK and the Humber will play in developing, manufacturing and using zero emission road vehicles and the impact of global emissions from road transport.

Chris Ramsey will share his adventures and passion for EV travel and the recent advancements in the electric industry that have allowed him to travel the world. 

Gaynor Hartnell will explore the rapid action to decarbonise transport, the increasing the use of renewable and recycled carbon transport fuels and how the market for renewable and recycled carbon fuels is growing, and progressively replacing fossil fuels used in UK transport (road, rail, maritime and aviation).

Mike Wailes will discuss the Humber Refinery’s role in the journey to net zero and Phillips 66’s work with the Department for Transport and the Environment Agency to create advanced biofuels used in electric vehicle batteries to support the electric vehicle revolution.

Tristan Allen will share his passion for electric bikes, his achievements in founding ‘Fully Charge – Silverstone' and his aspirations to change behaviours for future travel.

Brian Houston will explore research and enterprise activities within the School of Engineering including low-carbon, advanced and additive manufacturing technologies. With specific reference to IMecEng Clean Transportation for Sustainable Future policy, InventX, the Green Power Street Race and the Hull University Formula Student team (HUFS) competing at the Silverstone Circuit.

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