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Orsted present - Innovation Thinking: Shaping A Greener Future (Aura Innovation Centre)


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As part of The Waterline Summit 2021, major event partners, Orsted is pleased to announce our innovation ‘hackathon’ event.

The 1-day interactive workshop will be hosted at the Aura Innovation Centre, as one of a series of fringe events being delivered during the week-long Waterline Summit 2021. The hackathon will be powered by global innovation consultancy, Edenic Group.

During this highly interactive event, we will bring together businesses, graduates, students and experts from across the Humber region and guide them through a day of ideation and disruptive thinking to help find solutions to some climate challenges that affect us all. Throughout the day, we will demonstrate the power of innovative thinking to tackle the key threat to our planet to develop disruptive ideas. We will present participants key innovation concepts and the importance of innovation, and their relevance to the imminent climate crisis and how drastic action and new thinking is needed to tackle it.

During the hackathon, we will stimulate and inspire you with the problems facing our planet in terms of climate change, and examples of how people are thinking creatively to address them. The all-day event will consist of an insight and stimulus section in which we will reflect on the efforts made by Orsted, inspire the participants, and highlight the efforts of our collaborators The Waterline Summit and Edenic Group.

We will then offer insight into innovation and the tools needed to implement disruptive thinking. Running through a series of games and activities to demonstrate these ideas and methodologies. The attendees, formed into teams, will then be given a series of challenges and will run “Innovation Sprints'' facilitated by Edenic Group and supported by key experts to develop new solutions to these challenges by looking at the challenge through a series of innovation “scopes”.

These ideas will be formed into a final concept and pitched back to a team of “Dragons'', in a Dragons Den style pitch with the winning team receiving prizes, which will encourage them to push ideas forward and promote entrepreneurship in the region. The “Dragons” will be notable business and public figures from the region.

Throughout the day we will also offer breaks, refreshments and networking opportunities to encourage the forming of connections between students and businesses to support community building and entrepreneurship.

Teams will be made up of business delegates, graduates and postgraduates, apprentices and industry experts. We invite you to put forward one or more participants to take part in the hackathon and play your role in helping to develop new innovative ideas to tackle the decarbonisation of the Humber and address the crisis of climate change.

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