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The Waterline Live 2021 - fringe event by Blue Aurora Media


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International leaders and influencers in climate change science and policy revealed the latest global challenges and opportunities for the Humber just two weeks ahead of the UNFCCC’s critical COP 26 meeting where significant and decisive decisions on tough reductions in carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases have been demanded.

“COP26 has the potential to be a good step forward, it’s a chance for us to come up with a credible plan on how we’re going to deal with this in the future. We could see more commitments from the main G20 polluting countries on their plan to deal with reducing emissions.” - Laura Paterson

“Coal will be devalued in the very near future. Renewables will be cheaper, and we need to take the opportunity to advance Asia’s renewables capability and share knowledge, finance and expertise.”  - Sunwoo Vivian Lee

“Everyone has the right to develop and fulfil their potential. The worst thing you could do is take an approach to climate change without keeping that in mind.” – Michael Sheldrick

“I’ve worked on clean growth for ten years, and the momentum is there now. It is on virtually every business’ radar. The business community understands that a green future is a prosperous future, it is a huge opportunity as well as the right thing to for the future.”

“The Humber can be an example of the fact the green transition leads to economic growth and new jobs.” – Catriona Graham

“Going to space is deeper, richer, and more captivating than anything you could ever imagine. It’s a full sensory experience.” – Dr Chris Boshuizen on realising his childhood dream of going to space

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