Dr Chris Boshuizen

Astronaut, Scientist and CTO, DCVC, NASA, Planet Labs


Chris is scheduled to fly into space, briefly, on 12 October propelled by a Blue Origin New Shepard rocket on a sub-orbital flight. It will be the culmination of a childhood dream. The Waterline Live will be following his story and reflecting on his first impressions as an astronaut together with his work in developing very small satellites to monitor the Earth.

Chris’s career has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of space and igniting youth excitement in pursuing careers in STEM. He co-founded Planet Labs (Planet) in 2010 and served as the CTO for five years. Under his technical leadership Planet became the first company to commercially utilize nanosatellites, and now—having launched over 450 satellites—provides daily, global mapping of our changing planet from space. From 2008 to 2012, Chris served as a Space Mission Architect at NASA’s Ames Research Center where he co-invented the NASA Phonesat, a free-flying orbital satellite built out of an ordinary smartphone. While at NASA, Chris also established Singularity University, a school for studying the consequences of accelerating technological development.

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