Dr Nigel Davies

Director of Technical and Sustainability, Muntons plc

Nigel has been a Director in food and beverage (malting and brewing) businesses for 20 years spanning Technical  Manufacturing and Sustainability. He also runs his own consultancy in sustainability and manufacturing support through Maltdoctor Ltd. He is Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University, School of Biosciences.

He also holds positions on the Scientific Advisory Board for Ateria Health – a business promoting animal nutrition and health and is a Senior Advisor, Technical Services for First Key, a consultancy specialising in Malting, Brewing and Distilling. 

For over 30 years he has been an expert witness in legal cases involving high value cargoes in marine shipping insurance claims and never lost a case he has supported with robust technical reporting to direct counsel as appropriate. His expert witness instructions have required specialism in the field of food science in the areas of sensory analysis, food safety,  malting and brewing. Nigel has published on such topics as cereal physiology and food quality, sensory analysis of malting and brewing and environmental compliance such as carbon footprint reduction. He has testified in incidents involving fire, water or insect damage in marine cargoes, hygiene improvements in restaurants and suitability of material for brewing and distilling following adverse events.

Nigel is passionate about making sustainability practical and cutting through the procrastination and barriers that delay us getting on with climate protection. He has spearheaded the establishment of farmer support groups focussed on sustainable agriculture. In 2007 he developed the world’s first carbon footprint support tool for malting barley that has enabled a 36% reduction in GHG in Muntons supply chain over 12 years.  Nigel coined the phrase ‘Practical Sustainability’ to describe his approach at Muntons to deliver real changes in sustainable practices that are readily understood and that make real differences in carbon emissions rather than hiding behind offsetting. He has been awarded the accolade of being in the top 100 leaders in sustainability in UK manufacturing twice being described as ‘an inspirational leader’ and a ‘driver of cultural change’ in sustainability. He has twice led Muntons to gain the EcoVadis gold medal as a global top 5% sustainability company and win many supplier awards for sustainable business practices.

Previously he has been a research scientist in cereals and a lecturer in cell biology at London University and outside Muntons acts as an expert witness in cases where food safety of cereals is at issue. He is reviewing editor on a number of international scientific journals. His interests include playing piano, all terrain cycling, he is qualified to British Sign Language level 3 NVQ, a Community First Responder and a Mental Health First Aider. He achieved the Diploma in Brewing with distinction whilst at BRi.

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