Joe Wilkins

Head of Campaigns, UK Youth for Nature

Joe Wilkins is an environmentalist and ocean-lover, with a background in ecosystem ecology and a passion to achieve greater youth involvement and empowerment in conservation and environmental policy. Joe is the Head of Campaigns at UK Youth for Nature, the leading youth-led network calling on the politicians & governments of the UK to take urgent action and tackle the loss of nature. 

In addition, he is the Conventions & Policy Officer of Reserva: The Youth Land Trust, as well as being a member of the UNEP MGCY Global Joint Working Group for World Environment Day 2021. 

Following on from a BSc in Ecology and Environmental Biology at Imperial College London, he is currently studying for an MSc in Environmental Change, Impact and Adaptation at Aberystwyth University with a research focus on mechanisms and structures for effective youth participation in environmental governance.

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