John Till

Founding Director, thinkingplace

As founding Director of thinkingplace, John has directed the development of over 80 place brands across the UK. He is active in promoting and implementing a best practice approach of creating a shared place story, widening place leadership and creating active collaborators as a key part of place’s strategic promotion and development. He has led projects for places as diverse as Hampshire, Nottingham, Surrey, Harrogate, South Downs National Park, Newhaven, Medway, Lancashire, Staffordshire, Perth and all three UK Cities of Culture.  

John is passionate about the need for places to focus on differentiation, authenticity and to celebrate the many assets they have.  He believes they are about people and that the focus should be on the space between buildings and the experiences this offers. 

For more information about thinkingplace, visit our website, here. 

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