Tristan Allen

Product Strategy Consultant & Managing Partner, Fully Charged Silverstone and room44

Tristan Allen is a product strategy consultant and managing partner at innovation agency www.room44.co.uk. specialises in seeing the connections that mega, macro and emerging trends suggest, and how they will impact on culture, industry and company direction.

Advocating a methodology that puts consumers at the heart of strategic decision-making powers a creative treatment of insight to expose both obvious and less discernible product connections and new commercial opportunities.

Tristan’s mantra is to ‘question everything’ which led him to ‘mobility’ and most recently to jump into the eBike and eCargo bike segment to help make products available to more people.

Believing that “If people can see how a bike can transform they behaviours, they’ll transform their behaviours” he now also works within the industry at Fully Charged Silverstone within the www.fullycharged.com brand which provides the tools to help this trend along.

You can reach Tristan at: tristan@room44.co.uk or at silverstone@fullycharged.com

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