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HOP (Humber Outreach Programme)

HOP (Humber Outreach Programme) is a partnership of Higher Education Institutions, schools, academies and colleges. Our programme aims to raise the aspirations of young people from less advantaged backgrounds through exciting and challenging opportunities, with the goal of increasing their awareness of and participation in further and higher education.

HOP is active across the Humber region, and our teams work together to help our young people make informed, confident decisions about their futures through relevant, impartial information and experience.

We provide exciting and challenging opportunities for young people in years nine to thirteen. Alongside this, we also signpost schools, parents and teachers to local outreach opportunities and information.

  • Develop knowledge and awareness of the benefits of further and higher education
  • Develop capacity to navigate higher education and make informed choices
  • Develop resilience to negotiate the challenges of life in higher education
  • Develop study skills and capacity for academic success
  • Develop subject understanding by contextualising knowledge


Check out our videos of school outreach coordinators Sanna and Amy busting myths around higher education and apprenticeships.



You can also chat to Sanna and Amy on our website and ask them any questions you might have about the pathway to your career. No question’s a stupid question! ­

The University of Hull is a partner of HOP as well as being HOP’s home and we are thrilled that we get to work on a campus whose mission is to be carbon neutral by 2027. This sets their centenary as a target date and reaffirms their commitment to contribute towards the urgent action needed to reverse global heating and the climate crisis. To demonstrate their commitment, they have signed the Global Universities and Colleges Climate Letter, which is recognised as part of the United Nations Climate Change Race to Zero campaign. Find out more here-

Over the last year HOP have been involved and created some amazing events across the Humber giving young people opportunities to engage with employers, organisations and all things careers. Including Skills Humber ( National Careers Week ( and our very own events that we worked on alongside HEY LEP and The Careers and Enterprise Company, Festival of Skills ( and The Humber Apprenticeship Showcase ( Humber Virtual Careers Fair

It was a no brainer for HOP to be involved in The Waterline Summit as the Education and Skill Sponsor. Empowering young people in the Humber is at the heart of what we do and it’s amazing to be involved in an event showcasing the Humber at the forefront of tackling climate change, empowering people/ places to net zero and creating an economic model for global decarbonisation.

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