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Living With Water

Living with Water is a partnership between Yorkshire Water, Hull City Council, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and the Environment Agency.

Living with Water was founded in 2017 following the devastating floods in the region in both 2007 and 2013. Our aim is to innovate and collaborate to deliver blue, green sustainable solutions for surface water flood risk and will invest £23million in the region over the next 5 yrs addressing this challenge that we face.

The Living with Water Community Hub at Wilberforce College is the creation of a collaborative space facilitated by Yorkshire Water and Living with Water, in partnership with Yorkshire Flood Resilience and Wilberforce Sixth Form College. The Living with Water Community Hub is a one-of-a-kind facility providing an inspiring and interactive space for schools, students and the wider community.

The hub has two key spaces; the Yorkshire Room, where visitors can find out more about flood risk and resilience work in Hull and the East Riding, as well as information around sustainable drainage solutions (SuDS), and the large-scale engineering projects that are helping to make the area more flood resilient. There is also the Yorkshire Water Learning Lab, a hands-on space designed to educate people on water cycles and flood risk in our area.

Our role in the Waterline Summit 2021 is crucial. Hull is the second biggest flood risk area in the UK outside of London, but also faces enormous opportunity to drive the green sector skills industry and reduce flood risk. The partners have invested £260mil since the floods of 2007, but there is still work to be done. Water underpins all we do in the region, sitting on the Humber estuary, we want to work with all our partners and stakeholders at this event, not only to highlight the value of the Humber, but also the opportunity, that together, we can mitigate the risks we face with an ever-changing climate.

Click here to view our new community hub in 3D -

Click here to listen to a podcast around reducing the fear and impact of flooding through strong partnerships, featuring Living with Water General Manager, Lee Pitcher – Recorded in January 2021 but highlights the need for collaboration with all stakeholders to build resilience:


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