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Yorkshire Water


From Whitby in the North and Sheffield in the South, to Bridlington on the east coast and Ingleton in the west. All in all, we keep the taps running in over 5 million households and 140,000 businesses. That makes us part of everyday life for over 2.1 million bill payers. But we’re about more than just water and sewerage services. As a major business within the county, we recognise the important role that Yorkshire Water has to play in reducing UK carbon emissions and have therefore endorsed the Government's Infrastructure Carbon Review.  

We manage the collection, treatment, and distribution of water in Yorkshire, supplying around 1.24 billion litres of drinking water each day. At the same time we also collect, treat and dispose of about one billion litres of waste water safely back into the environment.   

Beyond Nature Programme

Beyond Nature is a Yorkshire Water land strategy initiative focused on supporting farmers who look after this land and helping them get the most out of it. Since 2016, we have been working with our farm tenants to get them involved in the Beyond Nature initiative. We currently have 5,000 hectares of land signed up across 9 farms across Yorkshire. Yorkshire Water has made a long-term commitment to bringing all our 22,000 hectares of farmland into Beyond Nature management. This is part of our aim to protect the Yorkshire landscape for future generations, play a key role in tackling climate change and support sustainable farming.  

Our ‘Beyond Nature™’ initiative focuses on supporting our farm tenants to optimise the value of these different land uses. As one of the largest landowners in the region we are working together to conserve our agricultural land, support profitable farm businesses, and have a positive and lasting impact on the environment. 

See what we’ve been up to with our Beyond Nature programme at Humberstone Bank Farm -

Hear more about our Beyond Nature programme from Lead Surveyor Lisa Harrowsmith below -

Watch the video below to see CEO Liz Barber and Catchment Strategy Manager Andrew Walker discuss the work we are undertaking around peatland restoration -

Why are you involved in The Waterline Summit 2021?

There's so much evidence that our climate is changing rapidly. This is important to us and our five million customers because our water and wastewater services are affected by the weather. Climate change means that our planet is getting warmer, which results in changes to rainfall patterns, average temperatures, sea levels, and other dramatic impacts here in Yorkshire as well as around the globe. Our role as an event partner allows us to highlight our own commitments, as a major business within the area, to reducing overall carbon emissions. Whether this is through showcasing the different adaptation and resilience projects we are currently running throughout the business, or through engaging with the network of young future talent, we want to use the Waterline Summit as a platform for change. 

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