What is it?

This is the inaugural year of The Waterline Student Challenge - a unique opportunity for students aged 11-18 to play their part in finding the solutions to harmful environmental problems.

Over the past six months, students have demonstrated their passion for sustainability, by delivering innovative and inspiring eco projects. Projects have now been judged by regional businesses that will each deliver an exciting behind-the-scenes visit for the 6 selected finalists. This opportunity is additional to a cash prize for each finalist team.

The overall Student Challenge Winner will be crowned at the launch of The Waterline Summit 2021 - winning an additional cash prize for their school, college, or youth club, as well as the exclusive opportunity to join SSE Thermal in Glasgow during the COP26 conference to share their winning project. Join us as we share the exciting finalist projects, with the successful teams joining us to share more about the motivations behind their work and why they were inspired to get involved in the challenge.

We will premiere The Waterline Student Challenge film, and hear from the Student Challenge Business Sponsor, SSE Thermal, alongside other business representatives, about the importance of inspiring the next generation to start their green, sustainable careers here in the Humber during what is, and will continue to be, a hugely exciting time for the region.

VIEW the trailer here.

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The Finalist Projects

Animal Water Savers

Animal Water Savers, Bishop Burton College

The team created a step-by-step plan to reduce water usage on the college’s Animal Management Unit and more widely across campus. They also raised awareness around the college with information posters.

Eco-Stepper Co.

Eco-Stepper Co., Malet Lambert School

The team came up with the concept of an app that aims to persuade people to walk or cycle rather than drive by rewarding them for not using a vehicle. It is designed to help reduce emissions and improve people’s health.

RDUTC's Sustainability Crew

RDUTC’s Sustainability Crew, Ron Dearing University Technical College

The team researched how much carbon emissions can be reduced by cycling to school instead of driving and created a carbon calculator to show users the impact they are having on the environment. Their findings were delivered in a presentation to all year 10 students at the school.

Team OEI

Team OEI, Malet Lambert School

The team came up with a project to compress plastics which can’t be effectively recycled into bricks and blocks to defend the eroding coastline and potentially be used in construction.

Team Wilberforce

Team Wilberforce, Wilberforce College

Team Wilberforce organised a ‘Zero Carbon Day’ for all students and staff and are working to implement policy changes to help create a genuinely green college.

Year 9 Loyal Leaders

Year 9 Loyal Leaders, Engineering University Technical College Northern Lincolnshire

Year 9 Loyal Leaders created a wind turbine-themed computer game aimed at children aged 8-14. The game is designed to be shown and played in schools to highlight the benefits of wind power.


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