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Join the climate conversation with Jonathan Levy, producer and presenter of our award-winning omnichannel climate change series which takes a global view from The Waterline. 

This live session will provide the latest overview of the state of the planet, how climate change is impacting the UK and the global relevance of the Humber’s response in the ‘race to zero’ through decarbonisation of industry, energy transition with offshore wind expansion and Hydrogen development, plus growth of carbon capture, utilisation and storage networks. In addition, the region is building its resilience to extreme weather, flooding and rising sea levels. 

We will hear how the critical mass of initiatives here is being recognised on a world stage as the Humber emerges not just as a UK but also an international exemplar in its response to the threats and opportunities. 

Guest speakers and panellists from around the world will give valuable insights on the latest developments, global demand for solutions and how the Humber is positioned to respond. 

Today’s action will impact what the next generation will inherit. Youth has a strong and legitimate place at the table and we will welcome a range of influential voices. 

Having reported from the whole of COP26 in Glasgow, Jonathan will have an eye on the issues raised, commitments made and challenges remaining for COP27 in Egypt, which takes place just over two weeks after this year’s Waterline Summit. 

The in-person panel will consist of Emma Hatton, Helen Barrow, Maximillian Hess, David Drewery, Cathy Yitong Li and Bill Walker.

Other speakers will feature as pre-recorded inserts.

The Waterline Live is a Blue Aurora Media production for Marketing Humber. You can find the podcasts on many popular podcast platforms including Apple, Spotify and Google. You can also find them on The Waterline website here  and see other media and videos here 

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