Ben Kolosz

Lecturer and Researcher (Assistant Professor), Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull

Ben is a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) in renewable energy and carbon removal at the Energy and Environment Institute, University of Hull (UK). Editor of one of the first books dedicated to Carbon Dioxide Removal, Bens’ work seeks to understand the dynamics and quantification of environmental emissions and energy needs of technological systems. His research also aims to anticipate the impact of new technologies and their infrastructure, and to develop practical modelling strategies for avoiding negative impacts, as well as the societal consequences of using such technologies on local and global communities. Research interests include geospatial integration strategies for carbon dioxide removal technologies coupled with renewable energy, sustainable fuels as well as low carbon mine remediation using waste carbon and geothermal energy supply from mine wastewater. His methods to accomplish this work include but are not limited to Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

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