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Edenic Group

Edenic Group is a team of innovation consultants and behavioural change experts with many years experience developing disruptive thinking and innovation concepts for globally recognised brands. Based in Hull, the team is formed of colleagues with a shared interest in developing innovation strategies and disruptive thinking, and helping businesses navigate what is a rapidly changing, digital-first, commercial landscape.

Their self-developed innovation methodology, named ‘Eve’, underpins the innovation services that they deliver, and is designed to discover innovative ideas, and solutions to business challenges, as well as keep their clients future-thinking and disruptive in their marketplace. Edenic’s work is designed to achieve three key innovation outcomes for their clients, the 3 D’s.

be Disruptive, embrace Digital, think Differently.

Edenic Group has developed a portfolio of products, services and training courses to enhance innovation within organisations and delivers innovation management, support and training for notable brands around the world.


Innovation and Sustainability

Edenic Group has been the Innovation Partner for The Waterline Summit since its launch. As a Humber based business, the team were keen to apply their skills and knowledge to the objective of decarbonisation. In order to truly achieve net-zero and make the Humber an exemplar of building a carbon-free, successful economy, the region must create and evolve an ongoing portfolio of pilot projects and innovations across all industry, community and society, so together, we can transition to become a clean and sustainable region.

Not only does there need to be innovations in big business and the key areas of energy production, agriculture, manufacturing, transport and building, but also, a bold approach to changing the behaviour of society. We need to help the community think differently about all aspects of their way of life and how this might impact the climate, and help them transition to new, cleaner and sustainable ways of living and working, for the betterment of all. The need to be Disruptive, embrace Digital and think Differently, applies to everyone, and Edenic Group is keen to support The Waterline campaign in achieving these objectives.

In practice, we have been educating and collecting ideas from all attendees to The Waterline Summit over the last 2 years. These ideas from young and mature, business and community are all about how to address everyday activities in work and life and transition to clean alternatives. Using our innovation process, we then filter these wide-ranging ideas down into potential pilot projects. The aim is for us to work with Marketing Humber and other partners to bring these pilots to life and build a Humber portfolio of clean, sustainable and innovative projects that make the Humber true live-lab of green innovation.

In this 3rd year, we’ll be going one-step further and hosting a mass innovation workshop and hackathon to generate a whole new batch of concepts, ideas and innovations to bring to life. More details on this event will be announced and promoted in this year's Summits itinerary.


Innovation and The Humber

Edenic Group works with large organisations around the world delivering innovation training and developing and managing pilot projects to turn ideas into truly disruptive deliverables. This is often in a commercial setting, but the methodologies and tools that Edenic has created, are being applied more and more to more social and community based challenges, including environment and climate, health and social care, travel and movement, and so much more. As a Humber founded and based business, Edenic Group is keen to grow a more regional client base and help the region's business, organisations, education, public sector and community areas become truly innovative, disruptive and global leaders of new thinking within their respective areas.

We’ll soon be announcing a new wave of innovation training tools and services, as well as partnering more with Hull University and the Aura Innovation Centre to help develop a new generation of innovative thinkers and build a portfolio of disruptive concepts across the region's businesses and communities.


Media Links

Edenic Group Website - See our full list of services and contact us to discuss your innovation journey.


Edenic Round Table - a series of panel discussions hosted by Edenic Group with expert guests discussing the importance of innovation and thinking differently.


Edenic Round Table (The Virtual Sessions) - an online series created in response to the COVID-19 lockdown, discussing the impact of the pandemic on different sectors, and the importance of innovation to help industry and communities recover, grow, learn and future-proof through disruptive thinking.


MyCodec - Edenic Group’s Innovation and Trend Scoping tool. This demonstration version of the platform provides users an opportunity to see how having a custom innovation and scoping tool, curated by innovation consultants could be beneficial to their organisation, keeping them ahead of technology and trends and address bespoke key challenges.


Willis Talks Podcast - Edenic Group Director, Wayne Willis hosts the ‘Willis Talks’ podcast discussing all things innovation, business, entrepreneurship and culture.

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